I used an embroidery machine to create my monogram. You might also consider purchasing iron on monograms.
I used an embroidery machine to create my monogram. You might also consider purchasing iron-on letters at your local craft store or using transfer paper and a printer to create a custom iron on monogram.

Welcome to Sewspire Inspired Project #7! I am so happy you are here and am thrilled to be able to share another fun and easy to sew project with you for FREE thanks to an artisan funded Watermelon Wishes sponsorship. Yippee!

Last week, we hosted a slumber party for my daughters 14th birthday and I made 12 of these personalized pillowcases for her girlfriends. Our guests were overjoyed with their gifts and I was deeply touched by their kind words and sincere appreciation. The experience reminded me just how special handmade gifts truly are.

As I was working on this tutorial, it occurred to me that it would be really nice to make up a stack of these in fun colors and prints to deliver to the pediatric unit at our local hospital. You might also consider making one for an expectant mother to take to the hospital with her when she goes into labor. Or, as a gift to a friend having surgery or any other event that would require an extended rest period. Oh, I just thought of one more idea…how about a bride and groom set for newlyweds. I am sure you have some great ideas too! Please share your thoughts in the comment field below. I love hearing from you!

For this project you will need approximately 1 yard of fabric cut into the following dimensions:

One 20″ x 23″ piece for the primary front print.

One 20″ x 2.5″ piece for the slim front accent print.

One 20″ x 12″ piece for the wider front accent print.

One 20″ x 35″ piece of flannel or other snuggly fabric for the backing.

I used an embroidery machine to customize my pillowcase; but, you could easily create an iron on monogram with some transfer paper and a printer or purchase iron on letters at your local craft store. Cross-stitch is also another great alternative!

I also used a zigzag stitch to finish my interior seams and prevent fray during washing; but, you could use a serger if you have one.

If you enjoy this project please share the page link  and blog with your friends and family.  I am on a personal mission to teach 10,000 women how to sew and I really do need your help spreading the word.

Have a beautiful week and I will be back next Friday with another easy to sew project!

Lots of love,


2 Replies to “Inspired Project #7: Personalized Pillowcase”

  1. Hi Andrea, Happy one day post Thanksgiving. I hope you had a wonderful holiday.
    This looks like a wonderful project. I might have it monogramed as my quilting machine has no embroider on it. I do love the pillow project and will get started…but I am working on Xmas bags for Xmas presents. I am going to Portland, OR to see my daughter for a week and have many Xmas things to get ready. Don’t give up on me. I can’t wait to start the pillow.

    1. Thank you Nita! I hope you had a beautiful holiday too. Enjoy your trip and know I will be looking forward to seeing your pillowcase when you return 🙂

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