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Bag Making PDF Pattern Bundle

The beginning, middle and end of three special projects.

As you know I have been nurturing this idea of a whole cloth quilt for several weeks now. On Wednesday I took the leap and ordered four beautiful prints from the exclusive Hawthorne Threads Nectar Collection in the Lyrical Palette.

Whole cloth quilting concept
Whole cloth quilting concept
Hawthorne Nectar Fabric Collection
Hawthorne Nectar Fabric Collection

Interestingly enough the fabric was printed in the same order as it landed in my cart and as you can see the material was also printed in a continuous cut. The top edge of the material was pretty flush with the pattern and the bottom edge had approximately 8″ of the white border. To true this up I cut a 4″ strip off the bottom and stitched that across the top. The whole cloth measures approximately 81″ x 58″. In preparation to machine quilt it I have cut a like size piece of quilt batting. I will keep you posted on my progress and be sure to share lots of photos of the process and the finished quilt on the Sewspire Facebook and Instagram pages.

As promised, here is a sneak peek of the diaper bag which I told you about last week. It’s coming along nicely and will be complete soon. I just have to add the zip top closure.

Watermelon Wishes Diaper Bag
Watermelon Wishes Diaper Bag

If you enjoy bag making and would like to create something similar then you’ll want to take advantage of this week’s special offer. I’ve pulled 5 of my best selling PDF patterns out of the Watermelon Wishes vault and re-released them in a PDF bundle which you can purchase for $5.99 this week only. Sold individually the patterns retailed for more than $45. I hope you will take advantage of this crazy low price before the offer sells out or ends. You’ll find the bundle for sale in my Watermelon Wishes Etsy shop.

I will be back next week with more sewing inspiration…but, before I say goodbye, I want to congratulate Susan Kohler, the winner of last week’s fabric giveaway. Congratulations Susan! Please contact me via email with your shipping address and I will ship your material this week.

Celebrating the creative genius in you!









Inspired Project #9: Travel Desktop Organizer

Welcome to Sewspire Inspired Project #9! Today I have a big sewing project to share with you thanks to our sponsor Watermelon Wishes!

Are you ready for this? Have you been practicing the skills we’ve learned in Projects 1 through 8? I hope so!

If not, no worries, I have created a comprehensive easy to follow 30 minute video tutorial that will guide you step by step through this creation process. Remember, you can pause the video, rewind and replay at any point and I am always available to answer your questions. Just leave a comment below.

Below are full size images of the supplemental guides which are also included in the video:

Material & Supply List

Pattern Key

Pressing Guide Page 1

Pressing Guide Page 2

I hope you enjoy the project and will share it will your friends and family because creative people are happy people and the world needs more happiness!

Until next week…HAPPY SEWING to you and lots of love!


Inspired Project #8: Adjustable Bottle Sleeve Wrap

Adjustable Reversible Water Bottle Wrap

Welcome to Sewspire Project #8!

Yesterday, I was cleaning the kitchen and came across 3 half-full water bottles that no one wanted to claim. I really do hate to be wasteful; but, I am also a bit of a germ a phobe…so, I felt I had no choice but to dump the water down the drain. Then to make up for it, I put my crafty mom hat on and brainstormed a clever and pretty way in which I could easily identify which water belonged to whom.

And that is the story of how todays ‘s Inspired Project came to be.  As an added bonus this particular style and size of sleeve will also fit a standard 16 oz mason jar.

For this project you will need:

two cuts of fabric which measure 13″ x 4″

one cut of batting that measures 13″ x 4″

two 2″ strips of hook and loop tape

Thank you for sewing with me today! I hope you enjoyed this project and will share it with your friends and family. Please let me know if you have any special requests for next week.

Lots of love,


Inspired Project #7: Personalized Pillowcase

I used an embroidery machine to create my monogram. You might also consider purchasing iron on monograms.
I used an embroidery machine to create my monogram. You might also consider purchasing iron-on letters at your local craft store or using transfer paper and a printer to create a custom iron on monogram.

Welcome to Sewspire Inspired Project #7! I am so happy you are here and am thrilled to be able to share another fun and easy to sew project with you for FREE thanks to an artisan funded Watermelon Wishes sponsorship. Yippee!

Last week, we hosted a slumber party for my daughters 14th birthday and I made 12 of these personalized pillowcases for her girlfriends. Our guests were overjoyed with their gifts and I was deeply touched by their kind words and sincere appreciation. The experience reminded me just how special handmade gifts truly are.

As I was working on this tutorial, it occurred to me that it would be really nice to make up a stack of these in fun colors and prints to deliver to the pediatric unit at our local hospital. You might also consider making one for an expectant mother to take to the hospital with her when she goes into labor. Or, as a gift to a friend having surgery or any other event that would require an extended rest period. Oh, I just thought of one more idea…how about a bride and groom set for newlyweds. I am sure you have some great ideas too! Please share your thoughts in the comment field below. I love hearing from you!

For this project you will need approximately 1 yard of fabric cut into the following dimensions:

One 20″ x 23″ piece for the primary front print.

One 20″ x 2.5″ piece for the slim front accent print.

One 20″ x 12″ piece for the wider front accent print.

One 20″ x 35″ piece of flannel or other snuggly fabric for the backing.

I used an embroidery machine to customize my pillowcase; but, you could easily create an iron on monogram with some transfer paper and a printer or purchase iron on letters at your local craft store. Cross-stitch is also another great alternative!

I also used a zigzag stitch to finish my interior seams and prevent fray during washing; but, you could use a serger if you have one.

If you enjoy this project please share the page link  and blog with your friends and family.  I am on a personal mission to teach 10,000 women how to sew and I really do need your help spreading the word.

Have a beautiful week and I will be back next Friday with another easy to sew project!

Lots of love,


Inspired Project #6: Large Fabric Hair Bow

The finished bow measures approximately 5" x 2.5".
The finished bow measures approximately 5″ x 2.5″.

Welcome to Sewspire Inspired Project 6! I hope you are enjoying the blog. I know many of you have been busy sewing holiday gifts.  I get so excited when I see all of your pretty sewing projects, and am so proud of your accomplishments, so please keep tagging #sewspire on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Today’s project is a Large Bow which you can use as a hair accessory, or to jazz up a basic tote bag or perhaps even embellish a package. I adore these quick and easy projects—which are made from scraps—because they are economical and make great last minute gifts.

This is a photo tutorial, so you will need to click on the first image in the image bank below to expand the view and then click on the image again when you are ready to move along to the next step. The instructions are in the captions (although the photos are detailed and somewhat self explanatory).

Post a comment below to ask questions or submit project requests. I always love to hear from you!  And, if you will be so kind as to share this space with your friends and family, I would really appreciate it.  I am excited to share more advanced sewing projects with you as we continue to grow our creative community.

Happy sewing,


Inspired Project #5: Drawstring Petal Pouch

Drawstring Flower Pouch

Today I have a fun and pretty sewing project that would make a lovely gift—although, I want to keep mine because I am going to use it as a jewelry holder. Another great idea: make a dozen or so and use them as party favors at a bridal or baby shower!

How will you be using yours? (Please share in the comments below!)

For this project you will need two 12″ squares of cotton fabric and some ribbon or elastic cording + 2 small beads (optional).

This is a photo tutorial. Simply click on the first image below to begin and then click on the enlarged image when you are ready to move to the next slide. The written instructions are in the caption field; but, I bet you can sew this just from the photos. Let me know what you think and be sure to share your project photos on Instagram with the #sewspire tag.

Inspired Project #4: Mini Zippered Pouch

Welcome back everyone! Can you believe 4 weeks have already passed since the launch of this blog? That means I only have 48 more weeks to meet my goal! Luckily I am right on track and that is because you all are so awesome and have been sharing every project. Thank you for the love and support. I especially enjoy reading your emails and comments, so please keep the kind words a coming.

Step #11: Flip your circle pouch right side out.

Today I am going to teach you how to sew a Mini Zippered Pouch. You’ll notice this Inspired Project is in a new format which I am calling a photo tutorial. To view the tutorial, simply click on the first image in the gallery below and then click on each image thereafter when you are ready to move on to the next step.

For this project you are going to need:

(4) 4″ circles of cotton fabric

(1) 1″ x 5″ strip of cotton fabric

(1) 6″ zipper

I hope you enjoyed this project! If you did, please click on the sharing links below and spread the creative joy. Also, if you would let me know in the comments below what type of tutorial format works best for you (video or photo) I would really appreciate it!

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Inspired Project #3: Cord Keepers

Happy Friday! For this week’s Inspired Project I would like to show you how to sew a set of cord keepers which you can use to organize charger cords and ear buds / head phones. This sewing project is fun, easy and economical as it only uses tiny bits of fabric, a smidgen of batting and a wee bit of hook and loop tape. If you enjoy this project please comment below and let me know! I would also be so grateful if you would share this blog with a friend who is interested in learning to sew. Thank you for tuning in and for supporting me on this personal mission to teach and inspire 10,000 women to learn to sew. I hope you have a beautiful weekend and I will see you next Wednesday with another edition of Inspired Thoughts and then again on Friday when I share a weekly sewing project with you.

Inspired Project #2: Candy Catcher

Hello everyone and welcome to Sewspire! I’ve got a fun and festive Halloween themed project to share with you today that reinforces Sewing Skill #2: Cutting Corners. For this easy to sew Halloween Candy Catcher you will need a small collection of orange, black and yellow fabric and a smidgen of quilt batting.

The following video includes step by step instructions. If you enjoy this project please share the video link with your friends and be sure to subscribe to this blog to have next Friday’s inspired sewing project delivered directly  to your inbox.



Inspired Project #1: How to Sew a Patchwork Mini Binder Cover


Hello and welcome to Sewspire!

My name is Andrea and today I am going to show you how to sew a Mini Patchwork Binder Cover which is designed to fit a 1″ Mini Three Ring Binder.

This is a FUN & EASY beginner sewing project that reinforces Sewing Skill #1: Fabric Piecing.

For this project you will need a 1/2 yard to 3/4 of a yard of assorted fabric remnants. You can download the written instructions (which include the pattern key and measurements) here.

As a supplement the following video includes step by step assembly instructions and some sewing tips and tricks that will be helpful as you move through this project.

Thank you for your support and remember to tag your sewing projects @sewspire and #sewspire on Instagram and Twitter! I love to see what you are making and want to cheer you on!

If you would like to make request for a future sewing project to be featured in our Friday Inspired Project post please leave a comment in our Guest Book and I will do my best to make that happen.

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