Behind the Seams with Andrea

Behind the Seams with Andrea 11/15/19

One of the perks of building an online community, like we have here at Sewspire, is the opportunity to make friends all over the world. It has been such a joy to interact with you across the various platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Patreon, Zoom, snail and e-mail).

Last week I received a pretty greeting card from my friend Rita whom I got to know during my first master class (AMC) and this week a brown box arrived in the mail. To my delight it was filled with hand dyed fabric and raw silk curated especially for me by my Patreon friend Usha. The material she said is authentic to village living in southern India and is commonly used to make eye glass covers, small coin purses, zipper pouches, book covers and other little things. I know she is eager to see how I plan to use the materials.

Spoiler Alert

When I opened the box my inner bodhisattva emerged and insisted I fashion a wall hanging and drape for the studio door. Knowing that one day I will use the material for another purpose, I selected a large stitch length to piece together the half yard cuts. I saved the raw silk to use this week in the 8th video tutorial in the continuing Handmade Holiday Sewing Series which I will record this afternoon. Did you see the cool zipper I found at Hobby Lobby that matches both colors perfectly? I love it and am super excited to get sewing!

When I wrote to tell Usha thank you for the thoughtful gift she touched my heart deeply by sharing that the Patreon group was the best thing that happened to her in 2019. “Thank you very much for creating, allowing me to have a nice friend group and keeping that sisterhood amongst the group” she replied.

Truth be told, the Patreon community is the best thing that happened to me in 2019 too Usha! I do feel we are a sisterhood and I always look forward to our time together. The master class is a Patron exclusive and is my favorite perk because I get to see the design process in action and witness the creative genius in each participant emerge.

FYI: The fourth edition of AMC is scheduled to begin January 6th. If you’d like a seat in the virtual design circle simply join the Patreon group: Don’t wait too long because the seats are limited to ensure an intimate learning experience for all.

Did you know that in addition to sewing and shopping for fabric, I am also obsessed with self help books and new age methodologies? I love watching my favorite thought leaders on YouTube, reading, applying these strategies to my life and then analyzing the results.

I am currently moving through Deepak Chopra’s 21 day mediation series entitled The Path to Empowerment. On day 10 Deepak speaks about the importance of belonging and feeling included. “It is a great source of strength and fortitude” and “helps us to love, to understand and to thrive”, he emphasized.

I think it is a blessing to be a part of a community and more importantly to know what if feels like to be accepted — just as you are. That is my goal as the community leader here at Sewspire and I invite you to join us on the Facebook group page or even better on the Patreon page and discover the power of “belonging” to our creative community firsthand.

The more time that passes the more value this community holds for me personally and for all of us collectively. It is so much more than sewing and I hope you realize that too. Thank you for reading along with me each week and for sharing this creative life with me.

Until we meet again, the creative genius in me will be celebrating the creative genius in you.

Endless love and respect.