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New Studio Tour

Hey y’all!

I am here to take you on a tour of our new sewing studio! I am so excited to show you where I will be recording all of our future sewing tutorials and I hope you like how I have decorated the space. I can hardly wait to hear what you think! So, please leave me a comment below and if you enjoy this video and are interested in sewing, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel and this blog!

XO! Andrea


2 responses to “New Studio Tour”

  1. I noticed you did a review on a brother sewing machine , but all of your tutorials are sewn on Janome. My question is why don’t you show people the Janome, it’s a great machine or you wouldn’t be using it. People need to know what you think of this Janome machine. And do you own any more Janome. I Own 3 and they work beautifully. One I take to classes, one is for quilting , the last but not least one is a janome 8900qcp. And it can do almost anything.

    1. Hello Didila and thank you for writing! I own several machines myself. Three Janome’s, two Brother’s and a Singer. I have published a formal recommendation of each brand here:

      Personally, I like to teach on the Brother machines because they offer new sewists a safety feature that the Janome’s do not have. The Brother machines will not stitch unless the presser foot is down and that is especially important when working with children which I do. I also appreciate the low entry price on the Brother machines and think it is a great starter machine for around $140 whereas the Janome’s are upwards of $350. For me, as an experienced sewer, I love to use the Janome’s though.

      Happy sewing to you!