How to sew a jewelry roll

Hello and welcome to Sewspire!

This week we are making a travel size jewelry organizer that is designed to hold necklaces, bracelets, watches and earrings. You might also see the value in repurposing this design to use in your craft room. Since recording this video, I have filled mine up with elastic, hook and loop tape, snaps, swivel fobs and a spool of thread. It also holds scissors nicely. Amazing, right? And, so fun to make!

If you are interested in purchasing a precut kit, for this project, let me know and I will put those together asap.

Until next week…Happy sewing my friends!

XO, Andrea

P.S. Only 10 more days until I pick up the keys to our new studio! Who is excited? I am! I am!

Pattern Round Up

For this project you will need:

Two 16″ x 16″ squares (1 cotton, 1 twill)

One 44″ x 4″ strip of cotton fabric

One 3″ x 10″ strip of cotton fabric 

One oversized button kit or large button