For Fun: Create a Travel Size Sewing Kit

I am always looking for clever ways to reduce, reuse and recycle household treasures. Over the summer, I had purchased this pretty sunglass case in a meager attempt to keep my sunglasses from getting broken. I’m sorry to say, it didn’t work. Mostly, because I never remembered to put them back in the case. In fact, the arm of the very pair I was trying to preserve just broke off this weekend when I fished them out between the carseats.  So, I have decided to embrace the fact that I am careless with my sunglasses and instead convert the case into a sewing kit, which would be far more useful to me.

Inside I have my expensive snips which I bought at a Natalie Chanin sewing workshop (if you are not familiar, she is an amazing seamstress who also happens to be my idol), sewing needles, rotary blades, an extra bobbin, assorted screw drivers, a seam ripper and small tweezers which I use to thread my serger.

I love that all of my essential tools are contained in a travel size case, so I can just pop them in my backpack when I am packing for my quilting classes. Easy peasy!

Sewing Kit