Sewspire Design Board #122220

Sewspire Design Board #122220: How to sew a custom planner cover for the New Year

Hey y’all and welcome to Sewspire! My name is Andrea and I specialize in easy to sew patterns using simple shapes. My teaching methodology is ideal for visual learners who enjoy step by step instructions that are presented in a clear and calm environment.

As a supplement to this tutorial I have created a design board (#122220) which includes the pattern measurements and concise written instructions with some extra room for your notes if you prefer to print and/or the file can be downloaded or saved for future reference. Grab your copy here:

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In the video above we are sewing my 2021 Planner which can be easily customized to fit your favorite planner using the formula outlined in Design Board #12220 which is available for a nominal fee here:

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Until we meet again, the creative genius in me will be celebrating the creative genius in you!

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