Sewspire Sewing Recipe 014: Interior and Zippered Top Closure for the Everyday Backpack (R012-R014)

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In this video, I am demonstrating how to assemble the interior of my latest design which I am calling the Everyday Backpack. Defining features demonstrated in this video:

two way divided zipper pocket

two way divided slip pocket

recessed zipper top closure

Please note: Originally, I thought I would incorporate handles into the design; but, in the end they added too much weight to the top of the bag. If you would like handles, you will want to integrate those into the trim piece which holds the backpack straps in place on the rear of the bag and then create similar positioning on the front so that the handles fall below the zipper and can support the side panels.

Including this video, there are a total of three Sewspire Sewing Recipes involved in this project:

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