Behind the Seams (and in the studio!) with Andrea

Now more than ever, I realize the value of having a space in which you can find peace, inspiration and happiness. Ideally, this space would be found inside yourself; but, if you–like me–have not yet achieved that level of enlightenment a creative haven might be just what you need to stay sane in this lifetime.

In 2011, I rented my first commercial studio and my gross sales tripled within months of moving out of our basement. Until recently, I thought that might have been a result of just “validating” the business and my feeling “more legit”. Since being in lockdown, with the COVID crisis, I suspect it was the direct result of my productivity which increased because there were far few interactions which in turn translated to fewer problems and almost no negative energy.

For me, family and creativity do not go hand in hand. I require solitude to create. I need expansive amounts of time to focus and reflect. And, the fact of the matter is the only way I could escape my family was to rent space outside of my home.

The studio in the video is my fourth commercial space and the largest to date. I have loved each space for its own reasons and suspect there will be many other special spaces beyond this one.

When I moved into this particular studio, it was quite filthy with hundreds if not a thousand plus dead flies on the floor and lots and lots of bird poop E-V-E-V-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E. After many hours of scrubbing, we began to move the furniture in and you could literally feel the space come to life as each piece arrived.

One of my favorite things to do, aside from sewing and designing bags, is to rearrange the studio. I love to sort and group and stage objects in a way that they bring fresh energy to this special space.

I hope you enjoy the studio tour and invite you to share photos and videos of your creative spaces with us on the Group Facebook Page.

Until we meet again, you know the creative genius in me will be celebrating the creative genius in you!

Lots of love,