The fundamentals of my Pixie Pocket Purse

Hey y’all and welcome to Sewspire!

I am trying something new out this week. (Remain calm and resist the urge to say mean things about me as that would create bad karma, lol.)

In this video I want to provide you with the fundamental construction process of my new Pixie Pocket Purse so that you can use your imagination and customize this bag to suit your needs. (The time has come, breath in deeply and embrace your inner creative genius!)

If you have been following the channel for sometime you should have no problem adding a zippered pocket and integrating the credit card slips if that is what you would like. (You can do this! I believe in you!)

Likewise, if you are new to the channel (welcome aboard) or to the art bag making (fair warning, it is addictive), this project is a great place for you to begin.

For those of you who would like to make the bag as shown I have included my pattern measurements below; but, again I want to encourage you to glean inspiration from the video and make it your own design.

Body Panels: 9” x 8”, cut two and back with Pellon 808 or 809

Strap: 2” wide times the length of your body crossways

Pockets: 7.5” x 8”, cut two panels for each pocket

Zipper top trim: 2″ x 8″ (fold like a strap and sandwich the zipper between)


2 (5/16″) grommets
2 (1/4″) swivel fobs
7” zipper (if you want a zip pocket)

Finished bag measurements:

8” x 7”

I hope you enjoy the video and will share photos of your Pixie Pocket Purse with me on Instagram and Facebook using #sewspire and @sewspire.

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