How to sew a waist bag fanny pack for craft fairs

How to sew a waist bag

Hey y’all and welcome to Sewspire!

Today I am here to show you how to make a sweet and sassy fanny pack / bum bag to wear around your waist at craft shows and vendor fairs. Take my advice and make some of these to sell as everyone is going to ask you where you got yours!

For this project you will need approximately a 1/2 yard of cotton fabric and just shy of a quarter yard of Pellon Flex Foam FF78F1 or FF77. Plus a 7” jeans zipper. 

To begin precut your fabric to the following dimensions:

(2) 8” x 8” (rear and interior panels)

(1) 8” x 10” (front and interior bottom panel)

(1) 8” x 6” (front and interior top panel)

(2) 3” x 44” (waist ties) 

Next, precut your flex foam to the following dimensions:

(1) 7” x 7”

(1) 2” x 7”

(1) 4” x 7”

I hope you enjoy the project and will share photos of your finished fanny packs with me on the Sewspire Facebook and Instagram pages using @sewspire and #sewspire. 

I will be back soon with another inspired sewing project.