Sewspire Sewing Studio

Designing your studio space

While it certainly is fun to dream up a big beautiful sewing studio — I have come to realize, the smaller the work space the more efficient and effective I am. So, please don’t let your perceived lack of space stop you from learning to sew and instead let us focus on how you can get creative with the space you have!

Another perk of working in a small space is that it is easier to keep clean and organized. Regardless of the size of your sewing area, organization and functionality should be a top priority. It can become very costly and time consuming to mistakenly duplicate purchases because you are unable to find the original materials.

If you are currently designing your studio space, you’ll want to incorporate five areas which each serve a specific function:

  1. Sewing table and chair
  2. Cutting table with layout space
  3. Ironing board and iron
  4. Notions storage and organization
  5. Fabric storage and organization

Now, on the opposite end of the spectrum…

Let’s say you are lucky enough to have a dedicated and fully furnished sewing room; but, unfortunately have let it get totally out of control.  You may not even be able to see the floor or perhaps the space has become a catchall storage room rather than the creative haven you once imagined. No worries, we have been there and done that and are totally committed to helping you take back your creative space. When you are ready, to roll up your sleeves and get down to business, you can download our handy dandy guide How to Reclaim Your Sewing Space with Ease and Grace which will gently walk you through a fool proof organization strategy…so that you can get back to the sewing table lickety-split!