How I got 10,000 YouTube Subscribers

Celebrating my original milestone!

Hey y’all! I’ve just reached a major milestone and wanted to take a few moments to celebrate the accomplishment.

When I set out two years ago to establish a sewing community I thought it would be geared specifically for beginners and I set a lofty goal of teaching 10,000 people to sew.
I invested a few thousand dollars on a computer, GoPro and the biggest memory card I could buy.
The first few videos were extremely frustrating and very time consuming. I do remember thinking I wasn’t going to be able to actually make this happen.
But, because I had spent so much money, I was determined to continue and made the commitment to just try to learn from my mistakes and improve a little with each video.
Several of you have taken the time to write me and share your constructive criticism since October 2015 when I launched and I have done my best to take action on your requests.
One email in particular, from March of 2016, still stands out in my mind because I believe it was a major factor in my success.
Here’s an excerpt:
“I know it all must take a lot of your time and energy and you have a family and a business to run but maybe you have to rethink your numbers re: 10,000 women in such a short time period?”
In that very instant I made the decision that it did not matter how many people I taught to sew. If there was even one person learning and having fun with the content that I created that was all that mattered. And, I knew I had at least one person watching, so I happily continued my revised mission.
Today, I don’t have any specific subscriber goals for the channel. My purpose is simply to have fun and continue to share the knowledge that I have acquired from running my handmade business.
However, in the spirit of celebrating that original milestone, I do want to thank you for inviting me into your life. I hope you will stay for as long as you are having fun and learning!
Until we meet again, please know the creative genius in me CELEBRATES the creative genius in you!