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My first official blog post and a chance to win a box of love!

Andrea Chapman of Sewspire

Hey y’all! I am still pinching myself over here sitting in this beautiful and peaceful studio. As promised, I am going to be adding lots of fabulous features to this forum. The first of which is a blog link whereby I can pop in (totally unannounced) and share my inspired thoughts and random ideas with you on all topics related to creativity. How fun is that? I know! I love to write and I am quite sentimental…so prepare yourself to go deep here.

Until then (because I want you to have time to gather your diving suit and all), let’s have a little fun, shall we? I’ve got a bundle of beautiful samples that I have sewn since founding this blog in October 2016 and I want to share them with you! Comment below as to “Why you love to receive handmade gifts” and I will formally enter you into a totally random drawing to win a surprise goody box chockfull of handmade love, fabric, notions and whatever else strikes my fancy! I’ll announce the winner next week here on the blog and make a special video about the box and its contents.




13 responses to “My first official blog post and a chance to win a box of love!”

  1. ?Hi Andrea’ my name is Catherine but everyone calls me Mommakitty?
    ?I am a Mother of 7′ Grandmother of 14 Beautiful children who I ADORE ?
    ?I would LOVE to recieve a Box of ? Love ? from you of little Homemade Goodies?
    ?I happen to believe that Homemade is So Much better than expensive gifts?????
    ? I LOVE creating and spending time at the sewing machine?
    ?More often than not it’s a solo venture that gives you time to gather your thoughts. But if we’re lucky we will have a few little monkeys climbing on our laps and under the machine. LOL ????????
    ??I’m more used to giving out treats??? than receiving them.??
    ??Btw congrats on the NEW Studio. I wish you continued Success??

  2. Handydani Avatar

    Hello, Andrea, and congratulations on your new studio and blog. I absolutely love your tutorials and projects and am looking forward to your new and improved offerings. I also love homemade gifts… both giving them and receiving them. A homemade gift means that someone has given their time, their talent, and their love to create a unique and thoughtful item just for you. It is a tangible item that reminds the recipient that they are truly loved. From the most ornate sewing, quilting, knitting or crochet project to the macaroni necklace given to a Mom on Mother’s Day, a homemade gift is a tiny piece of love from the giver to the recipient.

  3. KimLantis Avatar

    Homemade means someone took the time to think of you and make you something very special. Homemade gifts are just the best.

  4. Handmade gifts are from the heart! Even if you don’t know the maker/recipient, you know it was made with care and love, and received with love!

  5. Breasmom Avatar

    Good Morning ?I love your videos You make it so easy to follow I would love to win a surprise goody box because I love getting mail. Congratulations on your new blog??Much success

  6. Please don’t enter me into the draw. I don’t want you to have to ship internationally. I just want to support your blog and your creative energy 🙂 I love handmade gifts!!! I love everything handmade. I make all our families birthday cakes, my daughter at 26 still makes my cards whether it’s for birthday or mothers day and I LOVE it. I would much rather have something handmade by someone who loves you and knows you because you know their love, thoughts and energy are going into making something special just for you, or you just for them. I love making bags, quilts, clothes, etc. In my opinion handmade is far superior in every way as opposed to something factory made!! All the best for your new blog Andrea, and your new studio. It’s inspiring watching you 🙂

  7. Crystal Harrison Avatar
    Crystal Harrison

    I absolutely love receiving handmade gifts. Someone took the time to create something beautiful for me. It makes my heart smile just thinking about it, but
    I am a giver! I love getting inspired and creating something special for someone. Whether it’s picking a theme of fabric that you know they will love or something very useful. Bag making is what I love but if someone ask me to make a quilt or a pot holder. Lol! I’m all over it!
    Congratulations on your new journey!!!

  8. What a beautiful idea! It’s so special receiving handmade items.. especially gifting them! I was just actually putting a goody box together to send to a FB friend. It’s so fun picking out things you think they’d like and making special things for people…I wish I started sewing years ago! Congratulations on your new beginnings.. wishing you continued success!

  9. Muldoon Aggie Avatar
    Muldoon Aggie

    I love handmade gifts because they are made with love. They have a little bit of that person woven in. ?

  10. I’m probably not a contender because I live abroad but I’d still like to answer… I’ve always preferred receiving and giving handmade gifts because of the love that is put in every stitch! Some projects are easier than others but the passion is the same! I have a little handsewn angel Christmas ornament made by my mom when she was very young (she’s almost 80 now) and even if she wasn’t a very good sewer and the stitches are uneven to me it’s so precious and so beautiful…it’s memories!

  11. Handmade gifts are THE BEST! I love to give and receive handmade items! So much more personal, creative, and I really think appreciated more by most people.

  12. Burkettm Avatar

    Handmade gifts are treasures to me! My Nanny always gave me handmade gifts and as she would say, “it’s something to keep.” She is in Heaven now and those keepsakes she made for me are priceless!!! There’s no better way to show someone you love them than by creating something special just for them. Those gifts are so appreciated!

  13. iloveladybugs74 Avatar

    I love giving and receiving handmade gifts! I think handmade gifts are more personal, and it shows that you care enough to spend some time on creating.