Inspired Project #2: Candy Catcher

Hello everyone and welcome to Sewspire! I’ve got a fun and festive Halloween themed project to share with you today that reinforces Sewing Skill #2: Cutting Corners. For this easy to sew Halloween Candy Catcher you will need a small collection of orange, black and yellow fabric and a smidgen of quilt batting.

The following video includes step by step instructions. If you enjoy this project please share the video link with your friends and be sure to subscribe to this blog to have next Friday’s inspired sewing project delivered directly  to your inbox.




5 responses to “Inspired Project #2: Candy Catcher”

  1. Well, as much as I thought I would not be able to make this…I did it! AND 5 of them!! Can’t wait for Friday to see the next project! Thank you, Andrea!!

    1. SewSpire Avatar

      Whoo-hoo! That makes me so happy Nita! These lil candy catchers are so fun to make!

  2. This is such a cute project. I’m making mine tonight but I’m going to do Christmas colors. Thank you for another great tutorial Andrea. You’re a wonderful teacher. I only have one question. Would it be possible to find out the seam allowance you use? Is there a standard seam allowance for each project or does it differ depending on the project? Like this one, are you piecing with 1/4″ seam allowance and then changing to a 3/8″ in seam allowance? Sorry to be a pain, I just want to make sure I’m doing each step as it should be. Thanks again! I”m loving these projects you’re doing, even though I know how to sew “not an expert” I’m just so happy to be able to participate 🙂

    1. SewSpire Avatar

      Hello Paula! That is an excellent question. When I am piecing the fabric, I am aligning the material with the edge of the sewing foot which on my machine is a smidgen less than 3/8″. For the sake of continuity, I would suggest we go ahead and use the 3/8″ seam allowance for all the projects and fabric piecing (unless otherwise noted). I shall be looking forward to seeing your Christmas caddy. Maybe we should call it a “Cookie Catcher” 🙂 Have a great day and be sure to share a photo of your finish project on Instagram @sewspire! Happy sewing, Andrea

      1. Excellent! Thank you Andrea. That makes it very easy 🙂 Funny you said “cookie catcher because I was thinking this would be great to put cookies in at Christmas. I was thinking of testing out my laminate sheets specifically for cotton fabric to laminate anything you wanted. Then it would be really easy to wipe the inside out. I think I’ll try it :). Have a wonderful day!