Inspired Project #5: Drawstring Petal Pouch

Today I have a fun and pretty sewing project that would make a lovely gift—although, I want to keep mine because I am going to use it as a jewelry holder. Another great idea: make a dozen or so and use them as party favors at a bridal or baby shower! How will you be using yours? (Please… Read More

Inspired Project #4: Mini Zippered Pouch

Welcome back everyone! Can you believe 4 weeks have already passed since the launch of this blog? That means I only have 48 more weeks to meet my goal! Luckily I am right on track and that is because you all are so awesome and have been sharing every project. Thank you for the love and… Read More

Inspired Thought #2: Top ten reasons people are no longer sewing.

Today, I present to you my official Top Ten List of The Reasons People No Longer Sew which I have compiled from multiple conversations with guests who’ve visited my main street sewing boutique and been so kind as to humor me with their woeful sewing stories. To set the stage, our conversation usually began something like this:… Read More

Inspired Thought #1: Let the fabric speak for itself

In this video I demonstrate my fabric intuition and show you how to select complimentary colors and choose prints that play nicely together. If you enjoy this Inspired Thought, please comment below and let me know! xoxo, Andrea By SewSpire | Filed under Inspired Thoughts | Tags: choosing fabric, color coordinating, color matching, how to… Read More

Inspired Project #2: Candy Catcher

Hello everyone and welcome to Sewspire! I’ve got a fun and festive Halloween themed project to share with you today that reinforces Sewing Skill #2: Cutting Corners. For this easy to sew Halloween Candy Catcher you will need a small collection of orange, black and yellow fabric and a smidgen of quilt batting. The following video includes… Read More

Skill #2: Cutting Corners

In this video, Sewspire Sewing Skill #2: Cutting Corners is introduced. Students learn how to add depth to their project. This skill will be demonstrated in future Inspired Project videos and is useful for making tote bags or other types of containers which require a flat base. By SewSpire | Filed under Beginner’s Guide, Sewing Skills Share

Inspired Project #1: How to Sew a Patchwork Mini Binder Cover

Hello and welcome to Sewspire! My name is Andrea and today I am going to show you how to sew a Mini Patchwork Binder Cover which is designed to fit a 1″ Mini Three Ring Binder. This is a FUN & EASY beginner sewing project that reinforces Sewing Skill #1: Fabric Piecing. For this project… Read More