Author: SewSpire

  • Reversible Apron Tutorial

    Reversible Apron Tutorial

    This darling apron is reversible and is sure to brighten up any cooks day. Crafted from two yards of quilt weight cotton the project comes together in less than an hour. Andrea will show you how to cut, stitch and style the apron in her step by step video tutorial:

  • What is Sewspire’s Studio 365?

    What is Sewspire’s Studio 365?

    It’s an inclusive and diverse community of makers who support and appreciate one another. Established in 2023 the Studio 365 community is entering its second year and Andrea has an inspiring line up of events planned for members. Our twice weekly Studio Hour is a chance for members to introduce themselves, share a recent project…

  • Introducing the Trinity Tie Up Organizer

    Introducing the Trinity Tie Up Organizer

    I woke up with the idea for this awesome organizer in December of 2022 and knew it had to come to fruition. The first prototype was nearly effortless as I was still in that sublime state of being. I shared some photos on Instagram and there was a lot of interest so I promised to…