Instant Sewing Gratification – Darling Fabric Storage Pods – Easy to Sew!

This morning we met in the Sewspire Studio 365 Live Room to stitch up these sweet storage pods by Fabric Editions, Inc. You can grab the free PDF here.

By mistake, I reversed the pattern and cut the shorter edge on the fold. This change in the pattern resulted in the seam being located on the front of the pod verses along the back.

Not to brag or anything…because it was a happy accident, but that seam on the floral pod lined up so perfectly you can barely tell there is a seam. Another bonus of using the shorter edge for the seam.

I really like the look the front seam gives this project. As such, I promised to create this post to share that tip and some other things I learned while making two of these pods.

The storage pods shown measure 4.5″ across the base, 3.25″ deep and 4.25″ to 8″ tall.

Below I have outlined all the changes I made to this design to create the look you see above.

I think you will find it helpful to have a small iron to press this project after you are done sewing. I used my baby Oliso but any tiny iron will suffice.

Andrea’s Modifications

  • Cut the long edge on the fold instead of the short edge.
  • Use light weight fusible fleece for the exterior, Pellon 808 for the interior and Decovil light for the hang tab.
  • Stitch a 3/4″ reinforced edge in from each corner of the second interior corner and leave the reminder open to turn. This allows the material to turn inward nice and tidy so you can simply machine stitch the gap verses hand sew as the pattern recommends. See photo below which was taken just before I fit the interior RSO inside the exterior WSO.

If you would enjoy sewing with friends once or twice a week we would love to have you join our Sewspire Studio 365 community!

I currently have a free 7 day trial if you’d like to check it out and see if this is the group for you.

We are meeting next Thursday, March 14 at 10 am ET to sew the Ruth Stadium Crossbody bag by Sallie Tomato together.

I find it is beneficial to sew new makes with friends because they can share their tips and tricks just as I have done for you in this post. I also really enjoy the conversation which unfolds throughout the meetup.

Hopefully you can take advantage of my offer and join us for a future meet up.

Until we meet again…the creative genius in me will be celebrating the creative genius in you!

In gratitude,