Introducing the Lifestyle Tote Bag by Sewspire

Designed with the creative in mind, this fabulous tote comes together using two large panels that are strategically layered to create several deep pockets that will accommodate most sketch pads. There’s ample room to add two rows of vinyl pockets which can be divided to hold small items such as beads, Washi tape or tools. The front and rear panels fold down to allow easy access to the contents when working on any surface.

This project will unfold over 4 weeks in February. We’ll begin with an overview of the design in Week 1. Then we’ll craft the exterior in Week 2 and the interior in Week 3. We will wrap up the series with a pricing discussion in Week 4 so you have a good idea of what the bag costs to make and how much you should charge if you would like to sell it on Etsy or at a craft fair.

Everyone is invited to join the Sewspire Facebook Group and post progress photos along the way! Be sure to share photos of your fabric selection and let us know how you’d like to customize those interior pockets. The group page is also a great place for you to post your questions or suggestions as related to the Lifestyle Tote. There are many talented makers there that can help and others who will benefit from your experiences.

The supplemental PDF includes the supply list, material requirements, pattern measurements, photos and concise written instructions for this project. Your purchase helps to offset the costs associated with publishing this content and is greatly appreciated!

❤️ Andrea