Design Your Own Dynamic Duffel Bag Sewing Pattern with Sewspire

Design Your Own Dynamic Duffel Bag

The focus for the sixth session of my design master class, AMC, which wrapped up last night was a unique duffel bag with three interior zippered top compartments and 18+ pockets — hence the name: Dynamic Duffel. Participants could choose one of three design tracks which included following my step by step instructions, modifying the bag as desired or designing their own bag.

Through the collaborative design process we determined this pattern could be adapted to serve many purposes including as a trunk organizer—my personal favorite use. It was fascinating to watch the group solve the zipper top closure dilemma and as always I signed off of each chat feeling inspired and oh so proud of these beautiful ladies for stepping out of their comfort zones and creating space for the design to unfold.

The primary objective of AMC is to provide Patrons with a hands on design experience that models my personal bag making methodology:

As with all of my master classes, this sixth session was recorded so that future Sewspire Patrons can design their own Dynamic Duffel Bag at their leisure. When you become a Sewspire Patron you will have access to the entire AMC Playlist which includes 57 videos with step by step instructions for The Studio Bag, The Stowaway Bag, The Patchwork Ultimate Zipper Top Bag and The Dynamic Duffel Bag featured in this post.

In August 2020, I will be presenting a live sewing workshop (think mini AMC) for my Lifestyle Tote and in September the group will have the opportunity to vote as to which bag I will teach in the second four week workshop.

If you aspire to be a bag designer, be sure to join us in October when we will come together as a group for the seventh session of AMC to co-design a bag from start to finish over a 6 week period of time.

Additional benefits of being a Sewspire Patron include access to a dozen of my favorite PDF Sewing Tutorials, an invitation to our holiday gift exchange, exclusive live chats with door prizes and a handful of live sew togethers + a free ticket to my new sewing workshops which will be centered upon one of my existing PDF Tutorials and presented on Crowdcast.

The monthly pledge is used to offset the costs of operating a commercial sewing studio, and subscribing to Zoom and Crowdcast + the material and technology costs associated with producing a weekly sewing tutorial on YouTube and the aforementioned master classes and workshops. In a nutshell, the 100+ Patrons we have to date provide for more almost 48,000 subscribers! In turn, I do my best to offer them a highly personal experience that *hopefully* exceeds their expectations!

It truly is a tremendous value at $10 per month and an absolute steal at $5 per month! Content set aside, the best part of being a Sewspire Patron is the opportunity to spend time with a talented group of women who are incredibly supportive, knowledgable and pretty darn funny too!

You can of course discontinue your pledge at anytime for any reason and I promise we will still adore you 🙂