Behind the Seams with Andrea – Graduation gone wrong

Yesterday, Meg, was passed her high school diploma in a plastic bin through the passenger window of her mini cooper by a masked man I’ve never met. Honestly, I would not even have believed it if I didn’t witness this bizarre moment through my own teary eyes.

I once watched a close friend burry her son. Brenda’s agony seemed unbearable then and still does. Whenever I am faced with the temptation of self pity, I think of how she missed all the graduations and everything between here and middle school as Patrick died in a freak skiing accident over winter break just shy of his teenage years.

Meg is probably going to be ok. She’ll get the chance to go to college, one way or another, and I hope we get many more years to make up for this missed milestone and awkward memory.

All that being said, today, my ego self is angry and disappointed in how this entire situation has been handled. I think collectively we could have done better. A lot better.

Sending love to you and everyone else who has missed a milestone moment as a result of the COVID pandemic.

Until we meet again, you know the creative genius in me will be celebrating the creative genius in you.



P.S. One of the ways I have been pulling myself out of this “funk” following me around is to work in the sketchbook. This week I journaled a bit about the Route 66 Tote, which turned out gorgeous, and added the finished measurements to my book. I have heard from some of you and am so happy you are enjoying the interactive sketchbook concept. Thank you for letting me know this as it makes me happy to know the content I create for you is useful.