Behind the Seams with Andrea

Today marks the eighth day of May and the end of my eighth week of self isolation. During this time I can count on one hand the number of people I have spoken in person to.

Approaching another human being has become both exhilarating and terrifying for me. At first glance, I am awe struck by the beauty of their eyes and how their energy radiates a determination and perseverance to survive this crisis.

Then, of course, I am reminded of how we must both be mindful of the dangers of coming too close and I rescind into the new “rules of interaction” until the next person comes into light.

Loneliness has not become an issue for me. In fact, I am making the most of this opportunity and using it to meet dozens of new friends each week via Zoom which has provided me (and many of you) with the ability to connect and meet our social needs safely from the comfort of home.

This week, I participated in two private business collaborations, launched my new planning community (Plan 2B Creative) and hosted a group chat for the Sewspire Patrons. I am estimating these interactions connected me with close to 30 people. I doubt that I would be able to achieve similar outcomes if I attempted the same level of connection in person (pre COVID, of course). I imagine many of us will want to continue operating this virtual lifestyle even after it is safe for us to return to the physical world.

I personally like the convenience of arriving 2 minutes prior, sitting barefoot and crosslegged in my chair while sipping one of my three favorite beverages (coffee, Kombucha or flavored sparkling water) as I soak up the brilliance, compassion and humor of other talented makers and entrepreneurs who presumably are enjoying the same.

Our Patreon Community was doing this long before COVID; but, I don’t think those outside the group understood the benefits of a virtual friendship. As word spreads, we have more new friends join us and they always remark how they feel they already know all of us from simply watching the playback videos. That makes me smile because it demonstrates the high level of comfort and support within the group.

When I first launched Sewspire in October of 2015 the goal was to teach 10,000 people how to sew. An arbitrary number that seemed doable but also challenging. That shifted a year or so ago, after crossing 40K subscribers and realizing how the power of creativity can be exponentially increased when you connect creative minds.

Through the support of the ladies in Plan 2B Creative I have begun writing my first pattern book for Sewspire. This maiden publication will be dedicated to the women of Sewspire and has been swirling around my mind for many months.

If you too would like to take your idea and turn it into a reality, I invite you to join Plan 2B Creative. We meet monthly via Zoom on the first Tuesday to set our goals and support each other through our lived experiences. To participate, you only need to purchase a Tools 4 Wisdom Planner using my affiliate link and then email me your order # to [email protected]:

At the beginning of each month, I will share a video that highlights how you can use the primary tools found within this powerful life planner and then each week I publish a new planner spread or tip to keep you moving forward and engaged in the planning on paper process.

Every member of the group is encouraged to post to the private Plan 2B Creative page and share how they are using the planner to achieve their goals and improve their life.

The primary benefit of group planning is the ability to draw upon multiple perspectives. In fact, the support system that was established during our May chat has already proven to be life changing for me and I suspect for many others.

Now, more than ever before, is the time to come together to celebrate and connect the collective creative genius!

Lots of love,