Tye Dye Create Tee Collection

Behind the Seams with Andrea

The Create. Tee Collection was first launched as a means to generate funds that would be specifically used to upgrade the computer I use to edit and store the video content I create for the Sewspire YouTube Channel. The community response, as always, was overwhelmingly positive and as such I was able to purchase a new iPad Pro in early 2020. If you have been following my work over the years, I think you’ll agree the technological upgrade has significantly improved the clarity and sound of the weekly sewing tutorials, Patron live chats and facebook live streams which so many of you enjoy.

When COVID-19 confined us to our homes and I began to desperately miss the sunshine and serenity of my commercial creative space I decided I would only wear tie dye in quiet protest of my sadness. Many of you commented how much you liked the shirts and as such I asked Megan (my second eldest daughter who will be soon heading to college) to design some especially for our community.

I don’t know if it is just the tie dye process or if it is the artist within Meg; but, from start to finish it actually takes her several days to complete one shirt. She begins with a blank canvas (cotton tee shirt) in a solid color of her liking and then proceeds to dye and reverse dye the shirt in her signature patterns using a color layering process that has taken her years to perfect. She then rinses the shirt multiple times and hangs it on the line to air dry.

Like every artist, she works methodically, until she is satisfied and then she proudly reveals them to us. Besides the vibrant colors — what I like best about Megan’s tie dye designs is that they are all one of a kind pieces of wearable art.

I still have a few more shirts to stitch before I can begin listing those for sale; but, if you tune into the group page at 12 p.m. today for the livestream I will hold each tee up and let you have a sneak peek at the ones that are going to be available in the near future.

Until then, I hope you know it is always a pleasure to create for you and I can’t possibly thank you enough for your continued interest and support.

Lots of love,