Sewspire Recipe 011: The flap and strap for MBL Messenger Bag

Hey y’all and welcome to Recipe 011! In this video I am showing you how to craft the messenger flap and adjustable shoulder strap that will finish off the My Beautiful Life Bag or MBL Messenger Bag for short. I am so thrilled with how this project came together and appreciate you offering me the flexibility to design on the fly.

The PDF for this project has been postponed indefinitely for now as our schools have closed for a month in light of the Coronavirus and as such I am currently responsible for homeschooling our children. I thank you for your understanding during this unusual time in history.

The primary purpose of this series was to give you a taste of my personal design process and show you how I adapt the measurements and specifications as I move through the process. If you enjoyed the process and would like to dive deeper into my design methods in a group setting I would love for you to join us for the April session of my master class: AMC. This exclusive program is available to all Sewspire Patrons:

As mentioned in this video the look through the design book will now be a part of Behind the Seams with Andrea which is published on Friday’s here on my blog.

And, if you would like to review the pattern measurements and learn more about my cutting process, here are the first three videos in this MBL project series:

Next week we will start a new series of Sewspire Recipes surrounding patchwork design. Until we meet again, the creative genius in me will be celebrating the creative genius in you!

? Andrea