Sewspire Spring RRR Series

Intro to the Spring 2019 Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-purpose (RRR) Series

One part inspiration, one part group effort and a sprinkle of instruction smattered on top.

Hey y’all and welcome to the Spring 2019 Sewspire Re-Use, Re-Cycle and Re-Purpose (RRR) Series.

In this video I am sharing my vision for the series as well as the goodies which I hope to RRR.

My first project will be to craft an artful tunic using found materials. If you would like to sew alongside of me the pattern I will be using is McCalls M7284, view D.

Your first assignment for this series is to gather a bin, basket or bag of items that you would like to RRR and share a photo of your collection with us on the Sewspire closed group page:

This closed group page is where we will be brainstorming, interacting and inspiring one another as a group.

Here’s the tutorial for the big bag I am using to hold my RRR collection.

Meanwhile I will be working on my projects throughout the week and sharing video snippets of my progress as well as tips and ideas suggested by our community as the they come about on the main Facebook and Instagram pages which you are invited to follow as well:

I am super excited to see where this takes us and hope you are looking forward to this as well!

Until we meet again…the creative genius in me will be celebrating the creative genius in you!