Hanging Organizer w/ Hidden Pockets

Hanging Organizer w/ Hidden Pockets

Hey y’all and welcome back to the Spring 2019 Sewspire Re-Use, Re-Cycle and Re-Purpose (RRR) Series which I am now just calling ReReRe…as there are so many possibilities. 

In this video I am sharing my hidden pocket making process for creating a Hanging Organizer with a recycled / repurposed pants hanger. 

For this project you will need a 15” wide pants hanger and the following cuts of material:

(2) 26” x 15” body panels

(3) 6” x 7” straps

(2) 12” x 9” pocket panels

(2) 12” x 8” pocket panels

(2) 12” x 7” pocket panels

(2) 12” x 6” pocket panels

You are invited to join in the ReReRe fun and share a photos of your projects with us on the Sewspire closed group Facebook page:


Until we meet again…the creative genius in me will be celebrating the creative genius in you! 


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