How to sew a press lock purse by Sewspire

How to sew a sassy little Press Lock Purse & Crossbody Bag


Hey y’all and welcome to Sewspire!

Today I am here to show you how to sew this sassy little Press Lock Purse and Crossbody Bag. This is a comprehensive sewing tutorial in which I show you step by step how to produce this beautiful bag.

For this project you will need approximately 1 yard of cotton fabric, 1/8th of a yard of waxed canvas, home dec or twill material, 1.5 yards of 1″ cotton strapping / webbing, less than a half yard of Pellon 809 and Warm and Natural Quilt Batting, a press lock, a 1″ tri-glide and two 1″ d-rings.

To begin you will need to precut the following fabric pieces:

Exterior Pocket (Cotton, 1 Quilted): 8″ x 8″, cut 2

Exterior Pocket Trim (Waxed Canvas): 8″ x 2″, cut 1

Exterior Top Body Panel (Cotton, Quilted): 8″ x 8″, cut 2

Exterior Base Body Panel (Waxed Canvas): 3″ x 8″, cut 2

Exterior Side Panel (Cotton, Quilted): 4″ x 10″, cut 2

Exterior Base Panel (Waxed Canvas): 4″ x 8″, cut 1

Interior Body Panel (Cotton): 8″ x 10″, cut 2

Interior Side Panel (Cotton): 4″ x 10″, cut 2

Interior Base Panel (Cotton), 4″ x 8″, cut 1

Interior Pocket (Cotton): 8″ x 5″, cut 2

Interior Pocket Trim (Waxed Canvas): 8″ x 2″, cut 1

Flap (1 Cotton, 1 Waxed Canvas): 8″ x 10″, cut 2

Strap: one 44″ piece of 1″ cotton webbing + one 44″ x 3″ cotton accent fabric

Strap tabs: two 4.5″ strips of 1″ cotton webbing 

One Press Lock

Two 1″ D rings

One 1″ Tri-Glide

Approximate finished measurements: 7″ across the base, 3″ deep and 8.5″ tall.


–I like to use a 5/8″ seam allowance for the interior seams. You can use what you are comfortable with, just be consistent.

–I order my waxed canvas from Big Duck Canvas

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