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By popular request, I am here to show you how to make a custom binder cover with exterior zippered compartment. This particular tutorial includes the instructions and measurements for a 1″ three ring binder; however, I have included the measurements for the larger binders if you’d like to sew a cover for a 1.5″, 2″ or 3″ binder simply adjust the two rectangular cuts and fusible fleece accordingly.

To craft, as shown, you will need to precut the following fabric pieces:

Cut 1 piece of fusible fleece 23″ x 13″ to line the exterior body panel*

Cut 2 pieces of cotton twill fabric 23″ x 13″ for the exterior and interior body*

Cut 2 pieces of cotton fabric 12″ x 13″ for the interior flaps

Cut 1 piece of cotton fabric 20″ x 13″ for the exterior pocket

Cut 1 piece of cotton fabric 4″ x 13″ for the exterior pocket┬átrim

Plus 1 zipper that measures between 12″ and 16″

*to size up you will need to adjust the measurements of the fusible fleece and body panels to 25″ x 13″ for a 1.5″ three ring binder, to 26.5″ x 13″ for a 2″ three ring binder and 28″ x 13″ for a 3″ three ring binder.

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