How to sew a sewing machine cover
How to sew a sewing machine cover
How to sew a sewing machine cover

Hey y’all and welcome to the first video tutorial in the Sewspire 2017 Slipcover Series! 

Today I am here to show you how to create a custom cover for your sewing machine. For this project you will need a soft sided measuring tape, 3/4 yard canvas or twill fabric, embroidery thread and assorted cotton scraps to embellish the cover as you’d like.

Good news! If you own a standard size sewing machine that measures 15″ at the base, 11″ to 12″ tall and 7″ to 8″ deep, then this cover, as measured will fit your machine perfectly!

To begin, precut a cotton handle that measures 6″ x 10″, two canvas or twill rectangles to measure 17″ wide by 13″ tall and one larger canvas or twill rectangle to measure 38.5″ long by 9″ wide.

My Camper Themed Sewing Machine Cover
My camper themed sewing machine cover was crafted using assorted rectangles, squares and a 4″ circle.

To create my camper themed cover, rotary cut and layer the following shapes as outlined below in the detailed instructions, before assembling the cover.

Camper embellishment pattern pieces

Trim at the base of the front and rear panels: (2) 17″ x 4″ and (2) 17″ x 3″

Camper Door: 6″ x 10″ (slightly rounded at the top)

Door Window: 4″ x 4″ square folded in quarters and rounded

Front and Rear Windows: (2) 6″ x 6″

Front and Rear Curtains: (4) 6″ x 3″

Side Windows: (2) 5″ x 5″

Side Curtains: (2) 5″ x 2″

You will need to attach the design to the twill using a standard zigzag stitch and a coordinating embroidery thread before assembling the cover as outlined in the video tutorial.

Step by step instructions to for the Camper embellishment

  1. Stitch one 3″ accent and one 4″ accent right sides together to create a larger panel. Fold over the top edge of that panel and position that atop of the front twill panel. Stitch along the top edge to secure. Repeat for rear panel.
  2. Fold the longest edge of each curtain panel over 1/4″ and stitch to hem.
  3. Position the curtains vertically on the larger windows and horizontally on the smaller side windows. Pin in place.
  4. Position the larger windows with side curtains on the lefthand side of the front and rear panels. Pin in place.
  5. Fold the door panel in half, longways and angle the top edge to create a rounded door frame. Attach the circle window towards the center top of the door and zigzag stitch around the edge of the circle twice with embroidery thread.
  6. Position the door to the right of the window on the front panel. Pin in place.
  7. Position the smaller windows at each end of the longer rectangular panel approximately 5″ from the base with the curtain towards the top (please note the windows are positioned incorrectly in my photo as you can see the curtain valance is upside down).
  8. Zig zag stitch twice around all the windows and the door with embroidery thread.

[wc_highlight color=”blue”]Tip: apply a lightweight iron on stabilizer to the back of your cotton appliqué pieces to achieve a neater stitch. [/wc_highlight]

I hope you enjoyed the project and will subscribe to this blog and my YouTube Chanel. I will be back soon to share another Slipcover Tutorial and warmly welcome your requests.

Until we meet again…

The creative genius in me salutes the creative genius in you!